So - is El Nino going to end our drought?

If Los Angeles gets FIFTY THREE INCHES OF RAIN - they will be at 50% of what it would take to end the drought. I was in LA during the '83 El Nino - and honestly, it could happen, but what a catastrophe that would be. The take-away lesson we're about to learn is the old normal (what we enjoyed 20 years ago for our weather) is the kind of weather we want. Extremes are, unfortunately, the new normal, so we'd best get used to it. Here's the article:

MBLC's very own weather station

We've got our own weather station mounted on the corner of Carroll and 3rd Street in the Bayview. If you're wondering how much rain we got - or historical weather information (i.e., just how windy was it last night?) this is a good place to check. The widget is located here, or you can easiy navigate using the "More" button on any page on the website. There are many stations all over San Francisco (and the world)... check to find the station closest to your home or office.

Getting weeds out - without chemicals or expensive labor

We just purchased this device to remove weeds in tree wells and in sidewalks - with the rains upon us, weeds will be popping up everywhere, and we were looking for a fast, efficient and pesticide free way to remove them. This looks like it's just the ticket:

PCB Cleanup of our beloved Bay

Oakland - along with several other municipalities - is going after the company that polluted our bay with PCBs - and is hoping to get them to pay for the cleanup.

Everything you ever wanted to know about El Nino

Really informative summary of what El Nino is - and what we can expect this winter. The Chris Farley skit is very funny!