Going Organic

We enjoy fine food and fine wine - and are very partial to organically produced products (we believe organically produced food taste better - to say nothing of the positive impact organic farming has on the environment). Peay Vineyards produces an exceptional wine, and they recently announced they are going after their Organic Certification from the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). Read all about it here: https://peayvineyards.com/you-look-organic

Are you trying to "Go Native"?

At a recent San Francisco Integrated Pest Management Technical Advisory Committee (yes, it's a mouthful, and yes, it's part of San Francisco's ever-growing bureaucracy)... we were introduced to a website called SFPlantFinder.org. This site was created by San Francisco Department of the Environment. A very useful if you'd like to determine what grows natively in your neighborhood, and which plants will (presumably) thrive in the natural conditions in your yard.