Amazon Spheres

The last stop on our urban landscape tour in Seattle was at the new Amazon Spheres, an installation of 3 glass domes that are filled with tropical plants including orchids, palms, bromeliads and some plants so rare they no longer exist in the wild. The domes also include streams, waterfalls, aquatic habitats, and work spaces for over-stressed Amazon employees. The Spheres are not open to the public at this time - but our close friend Lisa Black arranged a tour for us, which gave us a rare look inside this stunning new workspace. The Spheres incorporate living walls, foliage, pathways, bridges, a "birds nest", and the coolest conference room you've probably ever seen. The oxygen-rich atmos

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Jeff and I went up to Seattle this weekend and spent most of the weekend exploring the urban landscapes of the city, as the rhododendrons, cherry trees, azaleas, dogwoods, lilacs and myriad other plants awakened from their winter slumber. Seattle has a bit easier a time with their urban landscapes than San Francisco, but also face many of the same challenges (most especially dogs). We visited the Japanese Garden inside the Seattle Arboretum, in addition to walking Azalea Way from end to end. The Japanese Maple collection was particularly stunning. In the link to the album below, check out the red Japanese Maple - unbelievable. We also visited the Chihuly Gardens and Glass museum. The gar