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  • Kevin Simons

Well that was an interesting 15 months

Hopefully, we can say the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us - at least San Francisco and most of California. What a ride that was. We got through the pandemic with no illnesses on our staff; a couple short quarantines when there were some feared exposure - but it all worked out well for us. The incredible losses were so unfortunate - and so unnecessary - but the achievements from the biotech industry (vaccines developed in less than a year - a process that normally takes 10-15 years) was breathtaking.

We know we are far from done with the pandemic - variants continue to emerge and could come roaring back in a frightening way. But for now, we can relax a bit and enjoy our lives in unrestricted ways again.

I'm very sad to announced that on May 28th, Hank, our beloved friend, mascot and companion headed off to doggy heaven, after 11.5 years of incredible joy, happiness, and canine love. We miss him profoundly.


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