Great use of bioengineering technology

I personally don't think bio-engineered food is good for anything except big agriculture businesses, but I do believe the technology can be used for the better good. Here's an example of using bioengineering to correct a mistake made decades ago (accidently importing a fungus which wiped out the eastern chestnut trees). The best part is - this doesn't kill the imported fungus - it just changes things enough so the fungus can live - but so can the trees: Click here for the story.

EPA finally issues report on Neonicitinoids

Mission Bay Landscaping Corporation hasn't used this pesticide in it's daily operations for many months, while waiting for these test results. One of the problems with where we are in the use of systemic insecticides in landscape pesticide management is this: Neonicitnoids may be bad - but the alternatives (at least the chemical ones) are far worse, in our opinion. The RIGHT way to deal with bugs in the landscape is to plant the right plant in the right place, and give it the light, soil and water it requires for robust health. In our largely artificial environments in San Francisco that is sometimes very difficult to do.