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  • Kevin Simons

New York will plant thousands of trees using new tech to maximize foliage impact

New York City is planning on adding 250,000 trees to their urban forest to help with the climate crisis (with regards to deaths caused by weather, heat is the #1 killer by far).

Lots of cities, including San Francisco, have added thousands of trees in the last couple decades, but this approach has some interesting differences that hopefully result in better results.

Here's the section of the article that caught my eye, more than any other:

One of the more ambitious elements of the new plan is its emphasis on maintenance so that trees make it to maturity.

“Consider the difference between a 3in oak and a 30in oak,” said Comte, of Urban Canopy Experts. “That 30in oak provides 70 times more air pollutant interception than the 3in oak,” said Comte. “The mature trees are doing the lion’s share of the work. So we really want trees that will make it to maturity.”

In urban environments, that involves getting creative. The average lifespan of a street tree, which may be exposed to root-eroding elements like pet urine and road salt, is 19-28 years, compared with the 300-400 years that is typical for a tree in other conditions.

Here's a link to the complete article:


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